A Filipino’s outcry for justice and righteous indignation

On the eve of the repressive anti-terrorism law’s implementation, the wounds inflicted by the fangs of the Duterte regime remains fresh and known to all.

Ever since he took his oath to office, Duterte has used every inch of his power to issue a crackdown on his critics who refused to be subservient to his rule.

For years, the state force, which is a tool of his oppression, have intensified their assault on urban and rural poor communities neglected by the regime all in the name of Duterte’s national policy of quelling every trace of dissent. Unfortunately, as it has always been, dissent under his watch has been falsefully labeled as mere “terrorism.”

On the exact tick of midnight, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines denounces the passage of the draconian law and urges the people to mobilize against the true terror of this nation — Duterte, a ruthless and opportunistic tyrant.


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