An Opportunist-Tyrant’s move to imperil the underserved for self-interest

In the latest released statement of President Rodrigo Duterte after the rejection of ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal, he pointed out that he did not need to declare martial law in order to destroy oligarchs.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines fervidly takes a stand against his call of action to smash oligarchs because of the consequences that might come after the innocent people in between.

It was clear with his recent pronouncement, where he claimed he has dismantled the oligarchy, that he seeks to paint himself as the “liberator of the lower class against the repression of the nation’s ruling elite.” However, his words are comprehensively shallow and delusional; a closer look into his ruling reveals the contrary.

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism detailed that Duterte’s campaign donors control different types of businesses even those who have landed a contract with state agencies. These contributors, who are also oligarchs, eventually gained positions in his cabinet.

One of the biggest donors in his rise to power is Dennis Uy, who partnered with China Telecommunication Corporation to produce Dito Telecommunity Corporation, formerly MISLATEL. Uy aspires to own the third major telecommunication company in the nation.

Moreover, Duterte’s attacks, though may seemingly appear to be directed at oligarchs, refer to numerous sectors in the state which could cause a threat to the Filipino people, especially the working class.

The anti-oligarchy persona of Duterte is only a facade. It comes forward when the oligarchs become an inconvenience while creating an alliance with the ruling class if they assist him in seizing power.

So far, Duterte’s threats with the oligarchy also come at the expense of the workers. The closure of the Lopez-owned ABS-CBN is a testament to this. Dismantling the oligarchy also entails that the oppressed working class will be in full control of production but the recent paralysis of the leading broadcast network only displaced workers.

So now, is Duterte’s anti-oligarchy statement a delusion?

Yes. For he will only be remembered as an opportunist tyrant who has spilled the blood of the poor and the oppressed to further fortify his reign. Additionally, the oligarchy will continue to be part of his regime as enablers of his dictatorship.

The Guild firmly resists against the tyranny of Duterte’s atrocious ruling — therefore, calling on his office to make a leadership reform and create a state where marginalized sectors will be set free from the bonds of silencing the dissents. We will fight back and not retreat!




College Editors Guild of the Philippines

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