Photo grabbed from Mahmur Arula on Facebook

On their way to bring their harvested mangosteen and lanzones, seven Tausug youth mistaken for Abu Sayyaf combatants were shot by the military, according to Moro group.

Suara Bagsamoro said the incident happened yesterday in Barangay Tambang, Patikul, Sulu.

While the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) is recently passed, Mindanao under Martial law is being plagued with persistent all-out war, where not only the Moros, but as well the Christians and indigenous peoples were victims.

Harboring the US army in leading the "war on terror" in the region, the Philippine government has been complicit in incurring counts of human rights violations. Around 50 cases of extrajudicial killings were recorded in Mindanao by independent human rights group Kaparatan since 2016. More than 300,000 were affected by indiscriminate gunfire and aerial bombings. The latest was a state-sanctioned participation of elite US Special Forces in a combat operation in Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao, where at least one civilian was dead and three were wounded.

The fear-mongering US-led anti-terror war left the Moro people in further desolation, while trying to dodge mortar shells that rains over their villages and livelihoods. After the Marawi siege, around 350,000 people were internally displaced. Many were still missing and dead body counts has been spiking.

Truth be told, the tyrannical Duterte regime is disinterested in the long-term welfare of the Moro people for just peace and significant social change. The watered down BOL is a shameless upfront to the centuries-long struggle of the Moro people for self-determination when the Mindanaon president decided to be on the wrong side of history, serving the whims of the elite.

But the despotic and cheap dictator should be warned. While the war on terror perpetually massacres thousands of Moros, history can attest to the thousands that will rise to the occasion of armed struggle.

The Guild seeks justice to victims of this seeming state-sponsored genocidal attacks to the Moro communities. Let an independent fact-finding mission record the spate of human rights violations in the region.



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