Call to overthrow Duterte intensifies in commemoration of human rights day

As President Rodrigo Duterte fully unveils himself as a fascist dictator, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines joins the call for an all-out resistance to overthrow the United States lapdog regime, especially in today’s commemoration of the International Human Rights Day in the midst of the spate of killing sprees and rights violations.

“Under the US-Duterte regime, basic human rights are trampled: innocent people are killed in cold blood, communities are destroyed, schools are heavily militarized and leaders of progressive organizations are killed or arrested on trumped up charges. These are all done in the reactionary government’s poor attempt to silence the growing mass movement and to defend their rotting ruling system,” said CEGP national president Jose Mari Callueng

Duterte, as the leading terrorist in the country, safeguards the semi-colonial and semi-feudal order together with its local cohorts to protect the interest of the ruling class — -imperialist masters, landlords, and oligarchs. This is blatantly done at the expense of the lives of the Filipino people

“His subservience to the United States shows that he is a protector of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal order. His reign of terror crushes the oppressed and exploited through its tyrannical mechanisms for the service of the ruling elite,” he added.

Consequently, Duterte proved his insincerity to address the root cause of armed conflict by ending the peace negotiations through its unilateral termination while terror-tagging the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army, the National Democratic Front and those allegedly supporting them. This has already resulted in a mass arrest and baseless filing of charges against mass leaders in the national democratic movement.

Callueng said Duterte’s fascist attacks on the Filipino people aims to also crush his political adversaries in order to monopolize state power and privilege. He aims to establish a one-man rule to arrogate bureaucratic corruption by his political ilk composed of the worst plunderers and the most detested political dynasties in the country.

“He suppresses the growing dissent of the Filipino people with the use of fascist repression instead of addressing the rapid degradation of fundamental economic rights under his administration. Workers are pushed to the side because of neoliberal policies; health, education and other basic social services meanwhile are disregarded in favor of big compradors; and his puppetry to the United States worsens as manifested by the increased US military presence and unequal treaties in the country,” said Callueng.

Callueng added that the attacks against the youth have grown to be a serious matter. Student leaders from Anakbayan De La Salle, League of Filipino Students Northern Mindanao and the University of Santo Tomas, Anakbayan University of the Philippines-Diliman and Manila, and Polytechnic University of the Philippines have been targets of harassment and intimidation and some have received anonymous death threats.

“The Guild vows to hold more protest actions to intensify the campaign to end the fascist US-Duterte regime and calls on the Filipino people to join the movement against the US-Duterte regime.”

Nationwide mobilizations were also held apart from the big protest action at the Bonifacio Shrine in Manila.

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