Campus journalists to Cardema: ‘You don’t represent us’

The campus journalists of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines vehemently condemn the outright red-tagging of the newly-appointed National Youth Commission chairperson Ronald Cardema to leftist youth organizations.

The dangerous insinuation of youth groups to be alleged supporters of the New People’s Army (NPA) is unrepresentative of the Filipino youth, as he brandish his taunting ignorance of its implication, especially, in such trying times of political persecution to those critical of the Duterte administration.

The rightist Duterte Youth leader should be ashamed of himself in blabbering about fostering nationalism to among us youth but is complicit to the attacks on civil liberties of this murderous regime.

Just in time of the International Day of the Disappeared, we honor the lives of the youth that until today we have yet to shed light of justice to their disappearance. They valiantly fought against tyrannical regimes, from the Marcos era up to present, as they render their lives seflessly to the cause of the oppressed.

They are not like the militarist Cardema, who has not taken the cause of the likes of Kian delos Santos, Kristel Tejada, and Obello Bay-ao, the youth victims of the neglect of the elite state to their every needs. Rather, he serves for the whims of the tyrants and leads the youth into a blind subservience, by which Rizal and Bonifacio both denounced in their young age.

Like a blowfly, these loud youth of today is one that can shake the seat of dictators and will be incessant in upholding their principles, hell may come.

Time and again, it has been proven that it is the fascist state that breeds revolutionaries — “rebels” if you may say. Their mighty sacrifices inspire the youth to be unrelenting in their aspiration of a just society, while immersed in the cause for national liberation and genuine democracy.

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