CEGP condemns Calida's shameless move against ABS-CBN; vows to defend press freedom

Photo courtesy of Tomasinoweb

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines, the oldest, broadest, and the only-existing alliance of tertiary student publications in the country and in Southeast Asia, strongly condemns the shameless move of Solicitor General Jose Calida.

Today, February 10, Calida filed a quo warranto petition before the Supreme Court to forfeit the legislative franchise of ABS-CBN.

While killing thousands of Filipinos under his repressive policies, Duterte, along with Calida and other humbug supporters and crass blind propaganda antics, ultimately proved that they want to fully silence the freedom of the press.

Duterte can ban his staunch critics and even close as many media organizations as he can, but he can never put to an end the people’s growing resistance against his murderous and callous regime.

And frankly speaking, it is the Duterte administration that must be put to an end.

The Guild and its member publications vowed to defend ABS-CBN in defense of press freedom and its thousands of workers. We will be true to our mandate — to deliver to the people the truth they deserve and join the people’s struggles. We will continue our fight for genuine press freedom.

#NoToABSCBNShutdown #DefendPressFreedom


Read unity statement of campus publications here: https://www.facebook.com/175050630457/posts/10156569352400458/

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