CEGP decries killing of media workers in Cabanatuan, Marawi cities

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines vehemently condemns the killing of media workers in Cabanatuan and Marawi cities on June 23.

Manuel Lacsamana, a contributor to The Media Messenger, was gunned down on June 23 along Mabini Street in Cabanatuan. Jessie Cano, a long time utility worker of government radio station dxSO in Marawi, was shot dead on his way home to Aggie Village in Marawi at around six to seven o’clock also on Saturday night.

Lacsamana, 55, a subdivision developer and quarry operator, also served as chairman of the board of the Central Luzon Media Association (CLMA). He also served as an associate member of CLMA, sponsoring various activities.

Also this June, Dennis Denora of Trends and Times, a community newspaper in Davao, was gunned down by unidentified motorcycle-riding assailants. Denora is the 11th journalist killed under the regime of United States lapdog President Rodrigo Duterte.

The Guild holds the Duterte administration accountable for the perpetuation of the worsening culture of impunity in the country, along with their blatant moves to completely silence the Philippine press. In these fascism-stricken times, we must unite for the advancement of people’s rights and welfare and to combat state-perpetuated violence and all forms of repression that target our freedom and democratic rights.

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