CEGP: Duterte flagbearer of terrorism in PH

Various progressive youth groups stormed to Mendiola today to condemn the Duterte regime’s intensifying rights abuses against activists and civilians, its series of state perpetuated killings, and its despotic reign of terror.

“President Rodrigo Duterte’s pursuit for his dictatorial ambitions has emboldened its state security forces to go on a killing spree which is turning this country into a carnage, killing as much as it can in its ruthless attempt to silence the growing dissent and disgust of the Filipino people,” said Jose Mari Callueng, CEGP national president.

Callueng slammed the upsurge of political killings and arrest of activists, the harassment of youth student leaders, bombings of indigenous people’s schools and communities, and the mass-murder of the poor in his war against drugs.

“Duterte, as a lapdog of the United States, is the real and leading terrorist in the country. He is behind the encumbrances of the Filipino people because he continues to heed to the caprices of the ruling elite. Farmers are pushed behind in favor of landlords, workers are strained and exhausted to maximize profit of big businessmen, and the entire nation swims on its own blood for his one-man rule ambition,” said Callueng.

The figures of human rights and political rights violations have risen to an alarming proportions under Duterte’s regime. According to KARAPATAN, an alliance of individuals, groups and organizations working for the promotion and protection of human rights in the Philippines, more than 13,000 have been killed in his ludicrous war on drugs, 222 killed in frustrated extrajudicial killings, 256 illegally arrested and detained, 924 illegally arrested without detention, 426,170 forcibly evacuated because of militarization and bombings and 364,617 cases of indiscriminate firing and bombing.

“The spate of human rights violations have intensified even more on Duterte’s plan of crackdown against activists and progressive groups. This only proves his aversion and repugnance against his critics and shows his thirst for absolute power,” said Callueng.

He furthered that it is the youth and other progressive organizations who have been at the forefront of opposing Duterte’s iron-fist rule especially with his war on drugs, counterinsurgency programs, martial law in Mindanao and the continuing neoliberal policies which are affecting all sectors in the country.

“As such, the CEGP joins the youth in their call to resist and rise against the dictatorship of the US-Duterte regime and to fight against the intensifying fascism perpetuated by the state.

“Duterte is a fool if he thinks the youth will be afraid of his fascist rule. For it will only ignite the fighting spirit of the youth and push them to mobilize and repel his fascist regime,” Callueng ended.

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