CEGP: Duterte’s radical change tantamount only to intensified attacks

President Rodrigo Duterte has recently warned the country about the radical changes he will act on in the days to come. With the wars of suppression he is already waging, this radical change will only be tantamount to a much more intensified fascist attacks against the Filipino people.

“There will be changes in the coming days including public order and security. There are simply too many crimes and too many — claiming to be this and that,” Duterte said upon his arrival from a three-day visit to South Korea.

Public order and security in the country have been a nightmare to millions of Filipinos. Thousands are killed under his brutal war on drugs, millions of farmers in the countryside suffer and die from counterinsurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan and thousands of our Moro brothers in Mindanao are tormented by the still existing martial law rule.

“It is Duterte who has committed abominable crimes against the Filipino people. It is him along with his cohorts and imperialist enchiladas who are dismantling the country’s public order and security with anti-poor and anti-people policies,” said Jose Mari Callueng, national president of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

Duterte is nodding to all the favors of local and foreign capitalists. Recently, he proudly assured the safety of South Korean businessmen who will visit the country. He is shamelessly doing this while the Filipino people suffer from repressive policies such as the Tax Reform For Acceleration and Inclusion, continuing neoliberal policies, unequal treaties with foreign countries, along with his brutal attacks against ordinary Filipinos in the face of Oplan Tokhang and martial law. Duterte is simply a murderous and irreverent president.

“How can the country be safe when it is the state itself who is perpetrating violence and fear across the country? Filipinos from all walks of life have been recently arrested with trumped up charges and even killed, where some are proven to be state perpetrated. It is Duterte who should answer for all the vicious crimes happening,” said Callueng.

Asked if martial law would be part of the radical change, Duterte said he “would think of something else.”

“Duterte, even if you do not declare martial law across the country, it is already what Filipinos are experiencing. This is why sectors like farmers and workers are now occupying lands and launching strikes because your fascist regime has done nothing but be an encumbrance to the Filipino people,” Callueng said.

“The Filipino people are doing your supposed job of giving them their democratic rights and demands. And while they are struggling for their rights, you are cold-bloodedly repressing and killing them,” he ended.

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