CEGP: End martial law, resist Duterte’s despotic rule

May 23 marks the first year of martial law rule in Mindanao — a nightmare which has resulted in killings and grave violations of human rights abuses.

A YEAR of wholesale abuse of human rights violations is a fitting description of the martial law rule in Mindanao. It has brought about the amalgamation of Rodrigo Duterte’s tyrannical rule: a regime pervaded by roguery, cryonism, corruption and killings.

Desperate to cling to power, he has used martial law to further his wars of suppression against the Filipino people. This has resulted to undocumented and unmitigated death especially with the intensified operations under his counterinsurgency program Oplan Kapayapaan, where more than 75% of the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines combat-effective forces are deployed.

“Duterte unleashed all brazen steps to achieve his dictatorial ambitions by fully utilizing his political cohorts and military minions,” Callueng said.

He played on the “Maute-ISIS” threat as a pretext along with the trompe l’oeil of a threat to pursue armed repression against protesters by carrying out scenarious of ‘rebels taking to the streets,’ a violent plot against his dissenters.

According to KARAPATAN’s 2017 year-end report on the martial law siege in Mindanao, there have been 49 cases of politically motivated extrajudicial killings, 116 cases of frustrated extrajudicial killings, 404,654 cases of displaced civilians, 89 cases of illegal arrests and detention, 336, 124 cases of indiscriminate firing and bombings and 22 cases of torture.

A recent international fact-finding solidarity mission to far-flung communities in Mindanao revealed the brutality of the Duterte regime toward peasants, indigenous peoples and civilians especially under the agony brought by the still existing martial law rule.

Read: Int’l fact-finding mission prove Duterte’s regime is murderous, fascist

“What’s even worse with the wholesale abuse of human rights is the staged and fabricated stories of the so-called ‘surrenderees’ by the AFP to prove the success of their anti-terrorism operations. In fact, last April 21, Jhun Mark Acto, a 15-year-old grade 8 student in Makilala town, Cotabato was killed and his family was forced to admit that he was a member of the New People’s army.”

The role of the United States under AFP’s Oplan Kapayapaan and Operation Pacific Eagle has worsened the conflict in Mindanao, while plunging our country to great debt to ensure its control in the country’s politics and economy.

“Duterte is wrong if he is thinking that the Filipino people are amnesiacs and intellectual vegetables. He should be sent at the edge of his seat aghast and frightened for an anti-tyranny alliances from various walks of life in the country are now calling for his ouster.”

“The dissent of the Filipino people are escalating to greater heights. And with the intensifying resistance of the Filipino people against his despotic and tyrannical regime, paper tiger Duterte will be chewed by his own fangs,” Callueng ended.

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