CEGP: Justice for the rich and guilty but not for victims of impunity

Photo from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

It seems that the Philippine justice system treats you better if you are as rich and guilty as Zaldy Ampatuan, the primary suspect to the Maguindanao massacre that killed 58 people, 32 of whom were media workers.

Just recently, he was permitted to go out of detention to attend his daughter’s wedding at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila in Pasay City.

“Under a state headed by a mass murderer and a lapdog of capitalists and oligarchs, justice for all human rights violations perpetrated by the state seems impossible. The policies of the state, especially Oplan Tokhang and Oplan Tambay, have become spectacles of fear and terror for the common people while the likes of Zaldy Ampatuan remain untouched,” said Jose Mari Callueng, National President of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

According to CEGP, 8 years and 3 regimes after the tragic Maguindanao carnage, no convictions have been made and justice remains to be elusive for the victims and their loved ones. Years after the single most deadly assault on journalists in the world, media killings and the curtailment of press freedom in the country have worsened under the US-Duterte regime.

“Criminals such as Gloria Arroyo, Jovito Palparan, and now, Zaldy Ampatuan, seem to get a free pass from Duterte and his lackeys while the poor and the marginalized have become targets of his regime’s burdensome policies and autocratic measures that disregard the laws of the land,” added Callueng.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines vowed to continue the call for justice for all the victims of impunity and the intensifying fascism under the very desperate US-Duterte regime. The Guild calls on the Filipino people to fight for justice for all state-perpetrated violence and to end impunity.

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