Photo courtesy of League of Filipino Students

On the first day of Visiting Forces Agreements (VFA) Senate review, militant youth groups held a lighting rally earlier this morning in front of the U.S Embassy, Manila, February 6.

Meanwhile, a member of Anakbayan was illegally arrested by the Philippine National Police.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines vehemently condemns the US-Duterte regime for viciously perpetuating its neocolonial rule in the country, heeding to the peremptory requests of his imperialist masters to protect the systematic plunder and oppression.

"VFA has given the American soldiers unlimited rent-free access to our resources in the impression of agreed locations. Its militarist bases have caused the Filipinos human rights violations like in the cases of Nicole and Jennifer Laude," said CEGP national president Daryl Angelo Baybado.

Agreements like these have resulted in the continuation of cotractualization, non-distribution of land to the farmers, and other measures that keep the domestic economy backward and foreign-dominated.

"These agreements show the decades of subservience of past administrations and present to US interest notwithstanding the total disadvantage to the Philippine government," Baybado added.

While we realize that we are under the extremely ruthless and fascist regime, the Filipino people will continue to fight and defend its national sovereignty despite the inutility of the current regime, which is fanned by the US , the number one terrorist.

“The Guild reiterates that these uneven agreements are nothing but continued misery and injustice," Baybado ended.

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