CEGP: Terrorist and tyrant Duterte should be the one to be deported, not Sr. Fox

Photo by Ronalyn Olea of Bulatlat

THE College Editors Guild of the Philippines denounces the Bureau of Immigration’s (BI) denial of the appeal of Australian missionary Sister Patricia Fox to seek a reversal of the order forfeiting her missionary visa. She is ordered by the BI to immediately leave tomorrow, May 24.

Fox, a mother superior of the Our Lady of Sion congregation in the country, has devoted 27 years of her life serving the oppressed sectors in the Philippines.

As a human rights advocate, she participated in the recently held t is a known human rights advocate. She participated in the International Fact-Finding and Solidarity Mission (IFFSM) in Mindanao in April 2018, where she along with other human rights advocates, uncovered numerous human rights violations committed by the military, police, and the Duterte administration through martial law.

The 71-year-old Australian missionary was illegally arrested and detained which upon the orders of United States lapdog Rodrigo Duterte for her alleged “disorderly conduct.” It is an ill-repute for Duterte to consider helping the poor and oppressed sectors as disorderly conduct when it is himself waging wars of repression against the Filipinos in the face of the war on drugs, all-out war and martial law in Mindanao.

Fox’s deportation tomorrow is the intensification of the Duterte regime’s crackdown against dissenters and critics along with advocates of the welfare of the millions of oppressed sectors in the country.

It is Duterte who should step out of the country and be deported to the imperialist countries who he greatly reveres for he has incessantly trampled the democratic rights of the Filipino people.

Ironically, Sr. Pat, along with various progressive groups and formations who are fighting for the oppressed, are considered as terrorists. While Duterte, along with his cohorts, military and imperialist enchiladas are projected as heroes when in fact it is them who have committed grave acts of terrorism against the Filipino people.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines calls on its more than 750 member student publications and the entire Filipino youth to resist the continuing attacks of the US-Duterte regime against the Filipino people. China’s Xi Jin Ping can never protect Duterte from the heightened call for his ouster, for it is Duterte himself who is digging his own grave and setting himself to defeat and failure.

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