CEGP to Duterte: October Rev? Be warned of the same fate

President Rodrigo Duterte hints anew of a possible “October revolution” to oust his deteriorating regime.

Taking the blow of his own ineptitude, he is clutching unto his fascistic schemes and blabber out of thin air an alleged connivance of three opposition forces: The Liberal Party, Sen. Antonio Trillanes, and the [Communist Party of the Philippines] politburo.

It is without doubt that Duterte’s “three wars” (Oplan Tokhang, Oplan Kapayapaan, and Martial Law in Mindanao) is met with broad resistance from all fronts. Without popular support to his dictatorial project, it became difficult for the cheap dictator to posture his strongman image, albeit, spewing still apparently inebriated expletives and insinuations as to save his already sick-face.

An armed revolution has been constantly waged by the oppressed sectors of the society due to the persistent and chronic crises that have plagued the country. The affirmation to such reality led the government to inutile military offensives to quell it, rather than resolving its root cause.

Always we are being reminded that in the face of dire oppression, the toiling masses have no other means to fight for themselves than to struggle against tyranny and injustices.

Duterte’s announcement while in their Israel junket is a paper-tiger statement containing his intention to go all-out in war with his own people that are already impoverished, if not dead.

He is more than willing to spend billions and bootlick his imperialist masters to ask for even more to fund his vain counterinsurgency programs.

He must expect more people to tread the path of armed resistance to topple his regime in deprivation of basic rights and recognition of self-determination.

Duterte must be warned if a huge people’s uprising reminiscent of the Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917 will fall unto him the same fate of the ousted tsarist state.

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