CEGP vows to intensify the struggle for truth, peace and justice on its 86th year

As we mark our 86th year as a patriotic and democratic organization of student publications, the College Editors Guild of the Philippines affirms its commitment to the mantra, “To write is already to choose.” That is to choose to uphold truth, peace, and justice and to struggle with the toiling masses.

Today, we remember the victories we have achieved, together with the masses we serve, through our collective action. May this serve as our moving power to hold the torch even higher for the people we vow to struggle with.

Ours is not only a history of valiant journalism, of being a vanguard of alternative press on the campus level, and of producing leaders of our nation, but most importantly a history of continued struggle to uphold and protect the people’s interest. This is what made us the longest running and the only-existing alliance of student publications whose cause of the oppressed and marginalized we defend and protect.

The campus press’ vast history is not only marked with its participation in the struggle of the Filipino people in the darkest periods of the country longing for liberation from tyrants and foreign domination, it has gone through times when some of our colleagues took arms and joined the resistance against dictators. Indeed, a campus journalist is never confined to its pen and paper.

Today, our struggle for truth, peace, and justice extends to a complex arena. We are now faced with the Herculean task to rise above the state’s cunning use of the dominant and social media to manufacture people’s consent for its anti-people policies and programs. In times of clear, constant, and widespread misinformation aimed at favoring the elite few, it is imperative for us agents of truth, to remain vigilant and critical. Just as we owe fidelity in service of the people, we owe it ourselves to not allow infectious falsehoods to permeate the Filipino people’s consciousness and let the neoliberal fascists and despots maintain and benefit from the status quo.

Sumulong, sumulat, manindigan at magmulat!

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