ChaCha amid pandemic not a solution, but a self-service for the Duterte regime

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines vehemently opposes the desperate move to revive discussions to amend the 1987 Constitution which allegedly seeks to revise provisions on the national economy and “democratic representation”. A resolution aiming to form a Constituent Assembly to amend certain provisions in the Constitution has been submitted to the Senate.

Once a Constituent Assembly is formed, it can only not amend economic provisions but it can also be used to amend term limits. It has the power to extend the terms of those currently in power and can even postpone the upcoming elections.

Changing the constitution is not a pressing matter amid this pandemic with the continuous rising of Covid-19, the threat of the new strain of the virus, and a lack of additional quarantine facilities.

As the Philippines fail to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the government has chosen to prioritize their selfish agenda and leave the Filipinos to fend for themselves amid the pandemic.

Furthermore, Senate President Tito Sotto III expressed that Duterte was urging Congress to convene into a constituent assembly to amend the constitutional provision on sectoral representation and scrap the party-list system which had allegedly been infiltrated by communist insurgents. This is a clear manifestation of red-tagging and witch-hunt against progressive lawmakers who are genuinely doing their jobs. Removing sectoral representation is also an attack against democracy.

As the number of Covid-19 cases rises, the administration has pushed again their agenda to widen their power and weaken the Philippines’ sovereignty. With all the problems facing our country, it is obvious that Duterte is desperate in centralizing all political powers with the help of charter change in the guise of cleaning the party-list system.

CEGP reiterates its call to the government that they should heed the demands of the people and immediately give economic aid to all affected families.

The Guild condemns the Duterte administration for prioritizing their interests instead of the welfare of the Filipinos. Clearly, this move for charter change manifests how greedy for power this fascist administration is. It is disgusting that this administration is taking advantage of the current situation brought by the pandemic as an opportunity to seize their own selfish interests.

The Guild firmly condemns the acts of the fascist Duterte administration. We call on Congress to properly represent and prioritize the needs of the Filipino during this time of crisis.


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