The shrinking of democratic space for civil society groups to organize, assemble, participate, and communicate in the middle of the pandemic has undoubtedly gained massive criticism and disgust against the Duterte regime.

Not only this regime will be remembered as an era in which state-manipulated information thrived, but the right to freedom of expression is also suppressed, and state propagandists served to misinform and miseducate the Filipino people. Hence, an opportunist tyrant who has spilled the blood of the poor and the oppressed to further fortify his reign. And even until these days, purveyors of fake news and disinformation remain scot-free from offenses.

Indisputably, this 2020, the Duterte regime is caught in his own words. Duterte is only contradicting himself due to his failure to address the root cause of poverty and the inevitable downfall of his regime.

We have witnessed this kind of regime from the past. Filipinos must resound the alarming situation of the shrinking democratic spaces as a draconian law legalizes the stifling of dissenters and an unending practice of red-tagging has been rampant. Let’s not forget that there has been a human rights emergency in the Philippines and so we continue to fight back and resist.


The oldest, broadest, and only-existing intercollegiate alliance of student publications in the Asia-Pacific | Est. 1931 #DefendPressFreedom #EndStateFascism

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