Duterte regime: purveyor of lies and deceit

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has added another war against the Filipino people-a filthy war brought by his immense aversion to criticism and scutiny. This war against the Philippine press is a war against the genuine purveyors of truth and those that fully expose his vindictive and gangster repression to the toiling masses.

But this war is not a surprise. It has been brewing ever since before Duterte assumed presidency in 2016. The Philippine press has alreaddy witnessed Duterte’s indignation against media institutions and practitioners through several ill-witted statements discrediting hundreds of journalists and media institutions. In a press conference last May of 2016, the former Mayor of Davao City said that journalists are legitimate targets for assassination when asked how he would address the problems of media killings in the Philippines.

His tirades against the Philippine press intensifies as he aggravates terror and violence against the Filipino people. He has consistently targeted the corporate media giants ABS-CBN and Philippine Daily Inquirer accusing them of “biased” media reporting after exposing the political circus and the corruption behind his infamous war on drugs.

The power of his administration comes from the barrel of lies and deceit spewed by his minions. This is simultaneously happening while he is attacking the freedom of the press, countering truth with lies. His machinery of lies is backed by an army of trolls and fake news outlets that fabricates and misleads the toiling masses.

Duterte’s army of trolls and humbug supporters create stories that depicts his fascist regime as champion of people’s rights while heavily demonizing the Philippine press and hypocritically portraying them as stwards of fake news.

While this charlatan army of pseudo-journalists quell legitimate news media organizations, they are lauded by the Duterte administration. But amid the fake news spreading like wildfire, it cannot stop the growing dissent of the Filipino people and the rancid rubbish of the Duterte regime as reflected by its anti-people, neoliberal policies. They can create thousands of fake news websites and organizations, spend the tax of the Filipino people on trolls, but they cannot sojourn the worsening crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system and the growing mass movement against the President’s fascist dictatorship.

The Philippine Press will no longer be threatened by dictator wannabe Duterte. It will stand for press freedom and fight the regime’s fascist measures. It will break down the enemies of the toiling masses vigorously and resolutely by baring its criminal, corrupt, puppet, and oppressive character. They will guide people to action through writings, photographs, videos, and other forms while siding with the marginalized and the oppressed.

And instead of being mere watchers of mobilizations, rallies, protests that thwart the repressive regime, they will actually take part in the people’s struggles.

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