Duterte’s wish of a raise an insult to vast majority of poor Filipinos

President Rodrigo Duterte’s heavy workload is a workload full of blatant treachery to the Filipino people. As the leading persona who inflicts pain to the Filipino people, he deserves nothing.

RESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte’s effrontery in self-aggrandizing his salary and shamelessly asking for an increase is a grave insult to millions of peasants, workers, and professionals who are living on the verge of a deleterious minimum wage and a vehemently tyrannical regime pushing for a total dictatorship.

Speaking at Camp General Adriano Hernandez in Iloilo on Thursday, he said he “gets tired and only earns 200.”

Duterte is not just a murderer and a dictator wannabe, he is also an avaricious and egotistical tyrant. While millions of Filipinos suffer an unjust daily minimum wage, here is a cheap dictator’s hopeful indirect hinting of a salary increase, which in the fourth tranche of salary increases to be given in 2019, would increase his salary up to P399,739.

According to research group IBON Foundation, the daily minimum wage remains “insufficient” for the basic needs of a family of six. They cited in January 2017 that the daily minimum wage in the National Capital Region (P481), the highest in the country, is not even half of the family living wage of P1,119.

Workers here in the Philippines face contractualization and different daily minimum wages in different regions. In fact, almost thirty years have already passed since the Philippine government abolished the national minimum wage and imposed the regionalization of wages through the Wage Regionalization Act. Wages here are pegged at an extremely low level and are even further depressed. This even includes contractualization and anti-worker and anti-union policies, repressing the workers’ movement in the entire country.

With an extremely injurious state, millions of Filipinos are pushed to find jobs outside the country. A recent data from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration reports that 1,281,506 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)were deployed from January to September 2017, or equivalent to an average of 4,694 per day in the first three quarters of 2017.

When thrown to imperialist countries, our workers are sourced as a cheap, docile labor force to fill-in the self-serving interest of imperialist countries. Millions of OFWs are not just a source of cheap labor, they are mentally and physically abused too by their employers.

Just this February, Joana Demafelis’ body, an OFW from Kuwait, was found stuffed in a freezer in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait, over a year after her last contact with her family.

Meanwhile, Filipino peasants and farmers suffer the perennial problem of landlessness in the face of the exploitative monopoly control of corrupt landlords in the countries. What’s worse is that the law which should protect farmers and peasants is beguiled to maintain the ruling class’ grip and control on vast productive lands.

The wide clamor of peasants to stop land conversions only resulted in the Philippine government’s aggressive actions to convert thousands of hectares of lands, especially in Mindanao, to become oil plantations. Duterte has betrayed the peasants of his promise of a genuine agrarian reform bill.
While brandishing terror and suppressing the democratic rights of the Filipino people, he is abetting his political minions and military forces to unleash violence secured with impunity.

Duterte is continuing the three wars he launched against the Filipino people, namely: war on drugs in the face of Oplan Tokhang, all-out war and martial law in Mindanao.

The vast majority of the Filipino people are greatly disgruntled by the misogynist, sexist, fascist, tyrannical and cheap dictator wannabe. Millions continue to suffer from land grabbing and landlessness, exploitation, rising cost of living, severe unemployment, low wages and poor quality social services.

His tax reform law is an outright bane to the Filipino people. And his charter change is nothing but a step forward to his dictatorial dreams. He suppresses the Philippine press while emboldening his state-sponsored pseudo-journalists and trolls to cover his sins against the Filipino people.
This regime is killing the Filipino people while completely baring naked the Philippine as a whole to big businesses and foreign corporate plunderers at the expense of people’s welfare and national sovereignty.

Duterte’s old-school tactics as a dictator wannabe will fail. And he can never escape the growing surge of the mass movement and the Filipino people’s struggle for freedom and democracy.

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