FOOL YOURSELF, DUTERTE! Statement on the recent maneuvers of the State before the September 21 mobilizations

Photo grabbed from Asia Times

Fear-mongering tactics out of the old Marcosian playbook was carried out today by the State in an attempt to allay the ranks of the freedom-loving Filipinos who are set to mobilize tomorrow, September 21.

The Manila Police District advised a class suspension to Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada on Friday. The National Capital Region Police announced that it will deploy 4,000 cops on the event of the commemoration, said it was being led by the belligerent Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

Recently, bomb threats sowed panic from different universities in Manila, such as the University of Santo Tomas and Mapua University — both schools have had held Bakwit schools for the Lumads this month.

The regime’s trolls were on a roll into discrediting those who will join the broad protest actions, claimed a payment will be issued to participants.

The clown in the Palace must have been over his head into delivering tricks that he thought will taper the brewing resistance of the broad populace. We’ve already seen it: red-tagging the broad protest actions built through the unity of various political forces, delivering suspension of classes to participating youth and students, and barrage of fake news.

Duterte must be sick of thinking that the citizens will not revolt! Cold bodies piled in the bloodied streets, bombs rained in the countryside, prices soared to new heights, and precariousness plagued the minds of the toiling masses — these must come to an end.

The cheap dictator unleashing his rabid fascist forces portrays himself an isolated fool clutching tight to his frail power he begotten from his alliance with Arroyo and the Marcoses. He must be reminded that there is no way that the people will cower to intimidation and petty schemes to raze the strong opposition forces he caught himself with in a similar struggle which was met as well by both the Arroyo and Marcos regimes.

Tomorrow, the Guild will be among the crowd of undaunted Filipinos to say NEVER AGAIN TO DICTATORSHIP AND TYRANNY! FOOL YOURSELF, DUTERTE! We will march down the eve of a justified revolution to crush your despotic whims of paving an authoritarian rule in the country. ###

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