Free Maojo Maga! Resist the crackdown against activists!

The crackdown of President Rodrigo Duterte’s regime against activists and progressive individuals worsen with the recent illegal arrest and abduction of a union organizer from Kilusang Mayo Uno.

Marklen Maojo Maga, 39, was abducted by policemen in civilian who were later identified as members of the Philippin National Police in the morning of February 22 nearby his house in San Mateo, Rizal. The PNP panted firearms which were allegedly seized inside his bag. Maga is currently being held at the PNP-CIDG compound in Camp Crame, Quezon City, according to his family and lawyers.

Maga was charged with murder based on an incident in Agusan del Sur in Mindanao. But he has long been a union organizer in the port area in Mabila and in factory belts in Valenzuela and in special economic zones in Central Luzon.

Duterte’s carnage against progressive individuals has risen to alarming proportions. In less than two years, 23 unionists and labor activists have been killed according to KMU.

Maga is accused as a leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army. This frantic accusation legitimizes mass arrest against activists and individuals who fight for the legitimate struggles of the different sectors.

“Duterte is indeed the leading terrorist of the country. If Duterte thinks he can stifle the strenght of the mass movement, he should think again,” Callueng said.

Meanwhile, Maga’s father-in-law, National Democratic Front of the Philippines consultant Rafael Baylosis, was also illegally arrested on January 31.

Baylosis was arrested along with Roque Guillermo Jr. who has been already released. Baylosis, still detained, “was also taken by plainclothes men and was arrested with illegal possession of firearms — the fascist government’s textbook on arresting progressive individuals.

The arrest of Maga, Baylosis and Guillermo is a clear case of political persecution and violation of human rights.

“Duterte is a fool if he thinks these mass arrests will push the mass movement to the side. He is a paper tiger who is sent at the edge of his seat frightened when met with a powerful mass movement ready to frustate and resist his tyrannical regime,” Callueng ended.

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