Defend Press freedom! Frustrate Duterte’s tyrannical rule! Walkout on Feb. 23!

College Editors Guild of the Philippines national president Jose Mari Callueng in a protest action condemning the recent attacks on the Philippine press.

IT is time for the youth and students to raise their militancy.

Unprecedented killings have risen to alarming heights with the three wars he launched against the Filipino people namely: the war on drugs, all-out war or Oplan Kapayapaan, and martial law rule in Mindanao.

In the midst of all these utter destructions to the Filipino people, he has also embodied himself as a puppet of neoliberal policies especially with the passage of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion. Duterte proved his imbecilic character by calling it a “gift” to the Filipino people.

With his dream of becoming a despot, he is quickly pushing for the amendment of the 1987 charter under his so-called pretext of shifting from unitary to a federal form of government. In layman’s term, this rule is a dictatorship.

The proposed charter change will bare the Philippines naked as if continuously getting raped by transnational corporations and foreign investors while millions of its citizens are swimming in their own blood. The only thing Duterte wants is to have a complete monopoly of the country’s political power while being a preposterous marionette to imperialist countries.

The recent attacks towards the Philippine press is not a simple issue of freedom of speech. It is part of the larger picture of state fascism perpetrated by the malevolent and cold-blooded dictator wannabe. Rappler was right up front the first target, with 30 other radio stations in Davao feared to close with alleged violations of the law.

Surprisingly, the Securities and Exchange Commission cited the Foreign Equity Restriction of the Philippine Constitution in revoking Rappler’s license to operate. The Duterte regime is completely numskulled as if they do not allow multinational and transnational corporations to own vast tracts of lands in the country.

In revoking Rappler’s license to operate, the SEC cited the Foreign Equity Restriction of the Philippine Constitution, which states that “(t)he ownership and management of mass media shall be limited to citizens of the Philippines, or to corporations, cooperatives or associations, wholly-owned and managed by such citizens.”

While they cite the constitution as a façade in their motives to silence media personnel and institutions, it is evident in their actions that the only purpose of the said prohibition of is to terminate press freedom and bring to naught the already devastating state of millions of Filipinos. The state’s directive to silence the press only shows its motive to secure itself from the masses’ dissent for its fascist, neoliberal, and dictatorial image that the people’s media truthfully depicts.

Especially in times of dictatorship and fascism-stricken conditions, there is no other way for the media and the masses but to expose and to resist. The College Editors Guild of the Philippines and its more than 750 member publications intensely expresses its dissent and is set protest against the US-Duterte regime this coming February 1 and 23.

The oldest, broadest, and only-existing intercollegiate alliance of student publications in the Asia-Pacific | Est. 1931 #DefendPressFreedom #EndStateFascism

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