If Harry were a news, he’d totally be fake

Harry Roque is a fake victim of “fake news” and a fake advocate of press freedom who wants to swim first in the state perpetrated sea of lies in search of their version of the impossible truth.

Photo by Joan Bondoc of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

HARRY Roque needs several of his screws tightened.

The office of the President showcased again its imbecilic and pea-brained disposition with Roque’s ill-witted comment on the issue of fake news.

Roque, a self-proclaimed victim of fake news, said that “fake news is essential in finding true news.”

Sabi nga sa isang kaso: Kung walang fake news hindi natin malalaman kung ano yung true news. Kung hindi natin malalaman ang kasinungalingan, hindi rin natin malalaman ang katotohanan,” he said on Sunday at a press briefing with Iloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr. in Iloilo City.

(As stated in one case: Without fake news, we won’t be able to determine what’s true news. If we don’t discern the lies, we also won’t discern the truth.)


Roque called himself a victim of fake news after he said he was mistaken with a remark saying Filipinos cannot conduct research on their own in Benham Rise.

To spare himself from shame and public outrage, he mentioned that when he had said “no one can do it,” he was referring to Chinese scientists and not Filipinos. Truth easily spurred out from his poor attempt to lie. Referring to China in that instance would be preposterous, as China has already successfully obtained a permit to conduct Benham Rise research, and has in fact, already begun their research.

‘Free marketplace of ideas’ completely moronic

Roque considers himself an advocate of the freedom of the press to the extent of seeing fake news as an essential part of determining the truth. Is it that hard to separate diamonds from coal?

Justifying the necessity of lies in determining the truth legitimates the proliferation of fake news. It’s not just an insult to journalism but an encumbrance to the Filipino people especially the toiling masses.

In fact, the real victims of fake news are the toiling masses. For example, Alternative media outfit Manila Today’s photo was used to spread black propaganda against Lumad schools Tribal Filipino Program of Surigao del Sur (TRIFPSS) and Alternative Learning Center for Agricultural and Livelihood Development, Inc (ALCADEV).

Photo from Manila Today

The photo taken in September 2015, depicting a volunteer teacher discussing with his students, was edited and reposted by a certain Lipus Makapandong on December 1, 2017 on Facebook.

Photo from Manila Today

Lipus Makapandong turned out to be the Facebook account of the 401st Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Philippines stationed in Agusan Del Sur.

Photo from Manila Today

This is an example of a fake news that turns into a deadly propaganda. And take note that this is perpetrated by the state’s military force.

The addition of hammer and sickle in the photo and the additional distribution of propaganda materials with the text “TRIFPSS, ALCADEV ESKWELAHAN UG SUPPORTER SA TERORISTANG NPA!” (TRIFPSS, ALCADEV schools are supporters of New People’s Army Terrorists) happen because of people like Roque who allows the proliferation of fake news.

National minorities in the Philippines are incessantly red-tagged as rebels which dismally legitimizes killings and bombings in their communities and schools.

Let us not forget Peter Tiu Lavina, Duterte’s campaign spokesman, who attacked critics of the government’s violent drug war with his poorly researched statement on Facebook about a 9-year-old girl who was “raped” and “murdered”

The photo which was actually taken in Brazil was used by Duterte’s minion Lavinia to shape the public’s opinion on Duterte’s war on drugs.

Roque’s “free marketplace of ideas” is a complete hogwash and will bear detrimental effects not only to journalism but to the Filipino people.

It seems logic and reasoning are in such short supply in the Malacanang Palace. You have here a president who lauds fake news purveyors Mocha Uson and Sass Sasot, with a paid army of trolls, and a spokesperson who sees the necessity of fake news in a time where its proliferation is deadly and rampant.

If Harry Roque has all the time in the world to swim in the sea of lies and fake news, the Filipino people do not.

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