Martial law extension to legitimize and aggravate fascist attacks of US-Duterte regime

The government is now showing full support to the fully unveiled fascist President Rodrigo Duterte and his looming dictatorship as it extends for another year the martial law rule in Mindanao.

“The justification of martial law’s extension is nothing but a poor attempt to silence the growing dissent of the Filipino people against the barbarous and murderous regime of Duterte,” said Jose Mari Callueng, national president of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

Voting 240–27 with no abstention during the special joint session today, Congress authorized martial law’s extension for the second time.

“We can now see the systematic perpetration of fascism in the country. Duterte and his local cohorts connive with each other, with the blessing of the United States, to build their mad dream of a dictatorship,” said Callueng.

Last May 23, Duterte imposed martial law in Mindanao through Proclamation 216 after the Islamic State-inspired Maute terrorist group attacked Marawi City. But amid the declaration of Marawi’s liberation, the government is clearly persistent in its grand plan to declare martial law rule in the country step by step.

What is worse is that the US-Duterte regime has already assured his cronies of their share of the spoils of Marawi. They are now heavily salivating for the wide selection of land to control for their own interest. In fact, according to officials from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, World Bank “experts” will take part in creating a rehabilitation plan for projects to be undertaken in Marawi.

Meanwhile, illegal arrests and killings of leader activists and innocent civilians have escalated after Duterte’s declaration of a crackdown and his tagging of the Communist Party of the Philippines as a terrorist. These vacuous declarations have demonized the legal democratic movement and strengthened the confidence of the military in their wholesale abuse of human rights and killings.

Just recently, a human rights advocate in Abra was taken by elements of the Philippine National Police while on his way home. He was charged with rebellion. This, along with several other cases of illegal arrest and killings of progressive individuals, proves that the real terrorist is Duterte himself.
As a self-declared fascist leader, Duterte’s fangs are chewing on the little democratic space left for the Filipino people.

“Duterte is trying to sow fear by using his iron fist tactics. He is in great delusion to believe that for it will only translate to an intensified movement to overthrow him in power.”

Since the dissent of the Filipino people is escalating to great heights, Duterte is slowly using his little cards left to stay in power. This will only push the Filipino people to strengthen their resistance against an oppressive and tyrannical government.

“The College Editors Guild of the Philippines calls on its chapters to continuously be critical, especially with the increasing number of threats and fascist attacks of the government. The Guild calls on the Filipino youth and the people to mobilize in even greater numbers and form as many united fronts to fight the continuous imperialist plunder and the iron-fist tyrannical rule of the US-Duterte regime,” Callueng ended.

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