NutriAsia shamelessly lies in press releases, statements

In a poor attempt to bend facts, NutriAsia, the producer of condiments in the Philippines under fire for its repressive labor policies, is sending responses to various organizations who showed support to their workers under strike. They are also constantly denying that the workers who went on strike were illegally contracted or subcontracted.

In their statement, NutriAsia claimed that it “provides all the proper payment, compensation and benefits to all of its regular employees and ensures that its third party toll packers and service providers likewise provide the same treatment to its workers assigned to NutriAsia.

Stories of workers below reveal otherwise:

Photo from Anakbayan
Photo from Anakbayan
Photo from Anakbayan

On June 20, NutriAsia also released a statement, washing its hands off from their obvious practice of “endo.” They argued that the workers on strike are only providing “auxiliary and support services” and even said that their relationship to workers through BMirk Enterprises is a “legitimate contracting arrangement.”

Contrary to their lies, the workers on strike are in fact responsible for manning their machines — a job crucial in producing billions of their net worth. The information NutriAsia is spreading is the ones that is false and inaccurate. In fact, the workers who joined the strike have worked there for decades amid being contractual and their rampant violations on safety and health standards.

NutriAsia is also a representation of the Duterte regime’s continuing anti-poor and anti-Filipino policies. Duterte has continuously heeded to the demands of his capitalist enchiladas while letting Filipino workers be violently exploited to their death. This condition has prompted Filipino workers to assert their rights and launch pickets and strikes in the country.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines demands an end to contractualization and deleterious working conditions that has bedeviled the Filipino working class for a long time. We also call on the Filipino people to support NutriAsia workers and expose the Duterte regime’s fascist and repressive policies that continues to embolden companies to exploit its workers.

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