Progressive groups hold ‘Black Friday Protest’ against Duterte’s TRAIN law

VARIOUS progressive groups held a protest action and petition signing in line with the Black Friday Protest in Divisoria and Trabaho Market in Manila and in front of the National Housing Authority in Quezon City, to condemn the continuous price increase of basic commodities and services brought by the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law.

Students from the University of Santo Tomas along with progressive groups Anakbayan and League of Filipino students staged a protest action in Trabajo Market in Sampaloc, Manila to condemn Duterte’s anti-poor tax reform law. CEGP

The TRAIN law, which Duterte called a gift to the Filipino people, only benefits the interests of his oligarch friends and several foreign capitalists. With a vast support from his local and international cohorts, Duterte is now even more confident to push for his ambitious “Build Build Build” project, where revenues from the collection of higher taxes will help fund his fascist campaign such as Oplan Tokhang.

“Duterte is a bare-faced liar and tyrant. He cannot hide anymore from the sea of lies he is spreading. It is just right to call for the immediate stopping of its implementation along with his fascist campaigns that are on a violent spree to trample the clamor of Filipinos for genuine change,” he said.

“With the continued implementation of anti-poor policies to cascade his dictatorial ambitions, Duterte is only creating an objective condition that will bring about his downfall,” Callueng ended.

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