‘Red October’ plot to worsen rights violations

Photo from Bulatlat

President Rodrigo Duterte, along with his vapid minions at the Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines, is hyping the so-called “Red October” plot to justify further intensified attacks against the Filipino people.

The government’s increasing paranoia have led security officials on Monday to propose during the Senate hearing on the proposed amendments on the Human Security Act of 2007 that suspected terrorists should be detained for 30 days even without a warrant of arrest.

“This is a clear case of human rights violation. Instead of heeding to the demands of the Filipino people especially on land, jobs and incessant price hike, Duterte and his minions are busy sowing heightened terror to the people,” said Jose Mari Callueng, national president of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

The Red October scare is just another cheap ploy straight out of the old Marcosian playbook copied by Duterte to conceal his corrupt and murderous regime.

“We would like to remind Duterte that the Filipino people will not be intimated by his cheap ploys. It is Duterte who will be sent at the edge of his seat aghast and frightened because the youth will rage and bring down a tyrant and traitor like him,” Callueng ended.

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