Roque continues to parade his imbecility

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque claimed in an interview yesterday with a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte that the mainstream media does not report the truth.

Photo from Manila Times.

PRO-Duterte bloggers, according to pea-brained Harry Roque, are now viable sources of information after claiming that the mainstream media does not report the truth.

“The reason why social media in the Philippines, the DDS (Duterte Diehard Supporters) has grown as big as it is, is in reaction to the fact that traditional media really does not report the truth,” said Roque on Wednesday, February 7.

It is obvious that Roque, a self-proclaimed fake news victim and a lover of fake news himself, will side with pro-Duterte bloggers who know nothing but to clap with every word their tyrant leader utters.

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DDS has grown in monstrous number and produced the likes of Mocha Uson, RJ Nieto, Bruce Rivera and Carlos Munda because the camp of Duterte spent around P10 million to hire trolls to spread propaganda materials online during his campaign and take control of the flow of information.

The mainstream media will have its lapses, but they cannot be discredited for being a watchdog of this society. Perhaps, Roque is still butthurt after trying to spare himself from public outrage when he said in a previous statement that Filipinos cannot conduct research on their own in Benham Rise.

Pro-Duterte bloggers will never be a viable source of genuine and critical information. Their unwavering support to a fascist tyrant slaps legitimate media organizations only with hate and profanity. Not only do they spread pro-Duterte and fake news, they also try to invalidate the people’s struggle through obscenity.

The government has turned social media into a weapon, luring millions of Filipinos to believe that there is still something good left in Duterte’s regime when in fact there’s none. It is obvious that Duterte and his political minions are resorting to vapid pseudo-journalists and paid trolls to conceal their grave violations against the Filipino people.

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