Rotten PH education system continues to take away lives of students

The country’s rotten education system continues to take away the lives and bright future of the Filipino youth.

Kenneth Ramos, a mechanical engineering student from Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University, committed suicide after learning he will not be able to graduate this year.

Ramos was already included in the final list of graduating students but was suddenly denied for allegedly having “no grade” in around 15–20 units in his course program.

Just this January Rodolfo Urmanita, a student from Cagayan State University, committed suicide after struggling to cope with the cost of his education. Ramos and Urmanita suffered the same fate regarding a heavily commercialized, colonial and fascist education along with Kristel Tejada, Jessiven Lagatic, and Rosanna Sanfuego.

Their cases reflect the rotten nature of our education system. Students across the country are loaded with a skyrocketing cost of education along with repressive policies that continue to infringe and trample their democratic rights.

Instead of heeding the demands of Filipino students, academic institutions continue to bow down to directives from capitalists educators and international financial institutions to supply the global market’s demand for cheap semi-skilled labor geared for export.

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