State of nat’l emergency will only aggravate state-sponsored attacks, killings

Progressive youth groups stormed to Mendiola to condemn the Duterte administration’s plan to declare a national state of emergency.

The Duterte administration’s plan to declare the country under a state of national emergency will worsen the already deleterious condition of Filipinos, especially that his brutal wars of suppression are on a killing spree since he assumed the presidency.

“Duterte is a fool if he believes he can topple the resistance of the Filipino people. Once he declares a national state of emergency, he is making a step forward for his regime’s downfall,” said Jose Mari Callueng, national president of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines.

Duterte said in a previous statement that he will use his emergency power “to the hilt” to “put things in order.” But how can Duterte put things in order when it is him along with his cohorts in the government who is the number one perpetrator of crimes in the country? It already came from his mouth that “there is no difference between martial law and a declaration of national emergency.”

“The government is using criminality as an excuse to further their despotic plans, especially to put forward Duterte’s cheap dictatorial ambitions. This is a move straight out of a fascist textbook to protect their obsession with corruption, cronyism and roguery,” the youth leader said.

Under Duterte’s wars of suppression, human rights group Karapatan has documented 141 cases of extrajudicial killings, 297 illegal arrests and detention and thousands of cases of militarization and indiscriminate firing from July 2016 to March 2018. In addition, more than 14,000 have already been killed under Oplan Tokhang, thousands of Filipinos in the countryside are terrorized by Oplan Kapayapaan and our Moro brother’s in Mindanao have been displaced and exploited under martial law rule.

“Duterte is only igniting the anger and disgust of millions of Filipinos. This means that more farmers will occupy lands that are rightfully theirs, more workers will hold more strikes and pickets and more students will walk out from their classes,” Callueng ended.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines is inviting its member publications and the entire Filipino youth to mobilize on the nationwide youth-led campus walkout on July 6 and July 23.

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