The College Editors Guild of the Philippines stand in condemnation to the censorship threat to its member publication Himati, the official student publication of the University of the Philippines — Mindanao.

After a dialogue with the Office of Students Affair, the publication officials were informed of its redirected funding coming from the government under the Free Education Policy. A possible fund restriction will be imposed in anti-government activities of the publication.

This is a clear manifestation of the dire fascist attacks of the Duterte regime to civil rights of the Filipino citizens. It is a desperate measure to gag the free campus press in its valiant tradition of fierce journalism for the people.

Not only the student publications but as well the student councils and other formations in every state universities and colleges are being deprived of its independence and basic right to organize as they are being held under government control. It is deceptive for the state under the Duterte regime to boast about providing free education but nonetheless renders the millions of youth under an abject position to serve its greedy interest.

Coinciding the third-year anniversary commemoration of the Lianga massacre and the spate of human rights violations in Mindanao under Martial Law, it is the might of the pen that reports without fear the abominable state of the society plagued by greed and oppression from the elite few. Without the uncompromising reportage of Himati, we will never hear of the incessant state attacks against the Lumad communities and the peasantry of Mindanao.

It is further the decisive role of the youth that they partake a proactive stance in pursuing a just and long-lasting peace through a genuine social reform. In this regard, we challenge the campus press across the country to stand with Himati and all other student publications and formations experiencing state repression.

Para sa midyang malaya at mapaglaya!


The oldest, broadest, and only-existing intercollegiate alliance of student publications in the Asia-Pacific | Est. 1931 #DefendPressFreedom #EndStateFascism

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