Students across PH unite against Duterte’s tyrannical rule, anti-Filipino policies

Photo from the Philippine Collegian

Students across the Philippines solidified their strong alliance at the National Youth Summit Against Dictatorship this afternoon at the University of the Philippines Mindanao against the tyrannical rule of United States lapdog President Rodrigo Duterte and his intensified attacks against the Filipino people.

The summit, which also protests against martial law rule in Mindanao, is held in Davao City—the city where fascist president Duterte once ruled as mayor—to show strong dissent and disgust to its imposition. It discussed the objective political situation in the country, expounding on Duterte’s grand dictatorial plan and anti-Filipino policies.

“Students built a broad alliance against Duterte’s militaristic and vicious rule. The self-declared fascist president has proven through and through that he is not serious in resolving the basic problems confronting the youth, and resorts not only to a mere palliative reform but also utilizes violence to suppress the resistance of the people,” said Kenji Muramatsu, convenor of Youth Act Now Against Tyranny.

Duterte has launched three wars against the Filipino people: war against drugs, all-out-war and Oplan Kapayaaan, and martial law rule in Mindanao. He has aggravated these wars by passing bogus reforms and repressive laws.

He has given false hopes to the youth through the free tuition scam which until now is still anchored on neoliberal framework.

“The initial victory of the youth’s fight for free education is continued to be spoiled by the government even with the passage of the Free Tuition law. Our education system’s framework remains rotten, serving only the interest of the ruling class and imperialist countries,” said Shari Oliquino, University of the Philippines Student Regent.

Anti-Filipino policies continue to be an encumbrance to the Filipino people, especially with the passage of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion which will only be a big burden to the people.

“With the intensifying attacks perpetrated by the US-Duterte regime, the youth are left with no choice but to link arms with the other sectors of society to thwart and overthrow Duterte,” Oliquino added.

The National Youth Summit calls on the Filipino youth and people to resist the full-blown tyrannical rule of the US-Duterte regime. They are also set to hold a symbolic protests and press conferences, and enjoins everyone to join the walk-out protest on February 1, 2018.

The summit was organized by the Youth Youth Act Now Against Tyranny alliance, in collaboration with the UP Office of the Student Regent, College Editors Guild of the Philippines, and National Union of the Students of the Philippines. It was attended by delegates of the General Assembly of Student Councils from different constituent units of the UP system and various youth organizations from all over the country.

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