To write is already to choose: 87 years of campus journalism committed to the people’s struggle

As the College Editors Guild of the Philippines marks its 87th founding anniversary, the campus press vows to raise its militancy in serving the people through fearless, progressive and militant journalism. Today, we remember the victories we have achieved together with the masses we serve through our collective action. May this serve as our moving power to hold the torch even higher for the people we vow to struggle with.

The Guild treats literature not only as a reflection of reality but also as tool to shape reality by raising the consciousness of the various democratic sectors of the society and by rousing them to mobilize and act for freedom and democracy.

Ours is not only a history of valiant journalism, of being a vanguard of the alternative press and of producing competent leaders of our nation. Most importantly, we hold a rich account of the struggle of the people in upholding and protecting their democratic interests. The Guild has stood the test of time, especially under the fascist attacks of tyrannical regimes from the present and the past.

In times of widespread deceit, roguery, cryonismm corruption and state-perpetuated violence, being a journalist entails a revolutionary character. One must have the courage to search for truth under the heaps of lies spread by those in power. Our duty is to expose the ills of the society and to study and advocate the solution that will address the roots of today’s deep-seated crisis.

Now two years in power, Duterte has relentlessly attacked and launched wars of suppression against the Filipino people. His perpetuated assaults against peasants, workers, church, women, indigenous people and the poor have become the gospel for his cohorts and blind followers. His regressive and oppressive policies have become the foundations of a tyrannical regime. He is desperately trying to cement his dictatorship by blatantly revising history, spreading fake news and reinstating corrupt and incompetent officials as additional minions at his disposal.

Duterte, with the help of his dishonorable harbingers-of-fake-news state propagandists, has attempted to hoodwink the public. But with Duterte’s continuing war against the Filipino people they will no longer be fooled by his political chicaneries and circus of lies. He has proven that he is an enemy not only of press freedom but also of democracy and national freedom.

While Duterte continues to push the Filipino people on a knife’s edge, the mass movement continues to gain strength and momentum. As we face yet another cheap dictator, the Guild shall remain as a bastion of truth and a militant vanguard that shall actively combat divisive and deceitful state propaganda, and rouse the Filipino people into greater resistance against tyranny.

Sumulong, sumulat, manindigan, at magmulat!

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