With Sereno ouster, it is high time for intensified militancy

THE country’s highest court, with the help of President Rodrigo Duterte’s political minions, ousted Maria Lourdes Sereno as chief justice — a staunch critic of Duterte’s murderous war on drugs and progressing fascist and militaristic rule.

Voting 8–6, the Supreme Court justices removed Sereno, favoring the quo warranto petition which questions the validity of her appointment on the ground that she had failed to fully disclose her wealth.

Photo from STAND UP Facebook page.

Yesterday, May 11, progressive youth organizations and various formations launched a coordinated indignation protests nationwide in different units of the University of the Philippines in Manila, Diliman, Miag-ao, Davao, Tacloban, and Los Banos, Ateneo de Manila University, University of Santo Tomas, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro. Formations under Youth Act Now Against Tyranny in Baguio City also held an indignation protest.

“Democracy has been long dead in the country, and Duterte buried it a thousand feet more to the ground. With Sereno’s ousting, Duterte’s dictatorial ambition has fully unfolded. This means there is no more fine print for Duterte in imposing anti-poor and neoliberal policies directed by the United States, China and other imperialist countries,” Callueng said.

Thomasians hold a protest action in España Gate 2 to condemn the Supreme Court ruling in ousting Chief Justice Ma Lourdes Sereno from her post.

Sereno voted against two of Duterte’s imbecilic decisions — the declaration of martial law in Mindanao and the decision allowing a hero’s burial for his idol Ferdinand Marcos. Indeed, Duterte considers all his dissenters as his enemies. This goes down not only to high profile individuals like Sereno, but also to progressive groups, activists, student leaders, peasants, workers and several more.

“Just recently, priest and tribal rights advocate against mining Mark Ventura was killed in broad daylight while holding a mass. Sr. Patricia Fox, an Australian missionary who hasserved the poor in remote parts of the country, is harassed and ordered to be deported within the month,” Callueng said.

“Those who are fighting for the Filipino people’s democratic rights are seen as enemies and terrorists. But the government cannot hide their malodor anymore. The real terrorist in this country is Duterte, his cohorts, and imperialist enchiladas,” Callueng added.

While trampling on Philippine democracy, Duterte has besmirched the country’s sovereignty as he plays an uncertain card with China. He is also acting like a cocky king of spades with the United States’ plan for our country to be the centerpiece of the “pivot to Asia” master plan.

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines lauds and salutes the Filipino youth for their militancy in showing disgust and dissent against Duterte’s tyrannical and murderous regime. There will be more dire consequences of the current political situation in our country and we should be ready to arduously struggle and launch massive mobilizations to fight Duterte’s dictatorship.

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