Youth of this generation not wasting time fighting for ideology

The Filipino youth are drowned to death by the worsening crisis brought about by imperialism in the face of the United States and its local reactionary cohorts: the landlords and the big compradors. Imperialism’s advent to the Philippine shores has not stopped, rather challenged and strengthened the people’s resistance to defeat feudal control and push for genuine land reform and national industrialization.

US imperialism’s tentacles triumph through the help of local landlords and big compradors. The reactionary Philippine government enjoys being scuffled like a marionette by its “big boss” to maintain and sustain the status quo through violent measures. Today, President Rodrigo Duterte, whose regime is heavily backed by the United States, imposes totalitarian rule with a bloody iron-fist to turn into reality his foolish dream of becoming a dictator at the expense of the lives of ordinary Filipino people.

Duterte’s fascism does not end on his big mouth. It trickles down to the masses in the countryside turning mountains and fields into a carnage. Currently, the resistance of the youth is greeted with mockery by the reactionary government. The madman said the youth are wasting their lives for their beliefs, ideals, and ideologies. He said this in a statement after a student activist from the University of the Philippines was killed along with 14 others in an encounter between state troops and the New People’s Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, in Nasugbu, Batangas. He is brazenly dumb enough to think that the Filipino people will never be ready for socialism and that the youth’s resistance will not contribute to genuine change.

As the suffering of the Filipino people intensifies, the resistance against his tyrannical regime will reach an unimaginable height. Surely, the youth will be at the forefront of every fight of the masses even though Duterte answers the ripening crisis through a war against the Filipino people. In fact, he launched three wars against the Filipino people, thinking he can easily assume and secure his role of a fascist despot. More than 13,000 have been killed in his war against drugs. Thousands of innocent lives have been taken away in a blink of an eye while those part of the drug trade in the ruling class get first class treatment and security. He also launched a brutal all-out war against the revolutionary movement, which in reality targeted innocent civilians in the countryside. All of these happen while he levied on neoliberal policies which are heavily dependent on foreign investments and loans that clearly favors only the oligarchs and pushes the lowliest of the poor to the side. On top of these wars is the still ongoing martial law in Mindanao, which seeks to crush terrorist activities. How can they defeat terrorism in Mindanao when it those trying to crush it is the number one perpetrator of terrorism in the country?

More than an ideology, the Filipino youth has been exposed to several revolutionary struggles as it is in the very nature of the world and history — they have their own share of revolutionary struggles against the Spanish colonialism, American colonialism, Japanese colonialism, and currently against a regime that is subservient to the interests of the United States and the ruling class. The youth of today do not fight for a lost cause or an impossible ideology, rather, they fight for progress and social justice guided by ideological and political principles that can provide scientific direction to a socialist revolution.

The youth of this generation are not wasting time dying for their principles and ideology. As stated on “Youth On March” by Jose Maria Sison, the youth strives to recoup the failures of the past and girds for the triumphs of future. They have spearheaded demonstrations of immense depth and magnitude even to the point of toppling the infamous dictator Ferdinand Marcos. They go out of their respective universities, institutions, comfort zones to go to farms, factories, communities, and to the countryside to confront the appendages of imperialism that continues to destroy our national industrial base and which continues to exploit the toiling Filipino populace.

They fight even to the point of sacrificing their lives to advance the national democratic struggle against a rotting ruling system promulgated by the fascist US-Duterte regime. And while they will be defamed by defenders of the status quo, of the malignant ruling class who clings to profit at the expense of farmers and workers, of those who have fallen prey to this kind of mentality, the youth activists of this generation will continue to arouse, organize, and mobilize their fellow youth as a powerful ally of the peasant and the workers in a great movement for the national democratic revolution.

The reactionary government can lambast and make a mockery out of the lives young revolutionaries lived. They can laugh until they have the time. But the day will come that tables will be turned and the greatest of all heroes will be recognized, which the youth is greatly a part of.

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